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Engineers Of Modern Laments

The urban music style of LelKem, founded 2009, is best describen as Alternative & Progressive rock, or more emotional; "Modern Lament" If you are listening to one of their songs, or get even just an extract, you would probably say, they are an Indie rock, pop or even a post rock band. You will be taken by suprise, because the following parts will remind you on an alternative rock directly from the nineties, as well as complicated rhythms and rough hardness from the neo progressive rock genre.

Nevertheless, this stylistic variety always submits to the intelligent and catchy Songwriting and never renounces on stamping Hooklines. The nearly classically occupied trio with Hungarian roots fascinates with bittersweet melancholy, experimental soundscapes some loops from the electro department and a huge pocket full of rock adittude.

This happens in a manner which even let you forget, that you are listening to just three musicians. Their live appearances are diverse, full of energy and inviting you to a musical trip which will you will not forget. -Penelope Muzak-

Personal (Clockwise)

Gabor Benedek
(bass guitars)

Boti Benedek II
(vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming)

Gordon Flemming
(Drums, Percussions, Loops)


All Four Seasons In One Day 2012 Penelope Muzak.

Yours, Mine And The Truth
2011 Penelope Muzak.

Not The Anser (Ep)
2009 Penelope Muzak.

Booking & Info

c/o Boti Benedek II
0043/664 2261198