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-EP Review – LELKEM – Yours, Mine, and the Truth – Alt/Prog Excellence (Dante Prog Online Magazine)

Sometimes a band discovers our blog and sometimes our blog discovers a band. We discovered Lelkem while surfing on That isn’t always as easy as it looks. Many bands are classified in the progressive rock genre but aren’t progressive rockers. Lelkem were honest about their music- they state that they are alternative/progressive. We happily agree.

Lelkem are three rockers from Vienna who are ambitiously hard at work at recording new songs, a video project (some of which is shown here), and performing live. They first released an EP in 2009 called Not The Answer and it is quite good. In fact, it is a damn good representation of alternative and progressive rock.  Then they released a second EP on soundcloud- Yours , Mine, and the Truth.  Again, this is a fine representation of alternative and progressive rock.

I am not sure if I should even call the second album an EP. With 8 songs and nearly 40 minutes long, it would almost qualify as a CD. But there is a catch.  Four of the songs from the first EP are included in the second EP.  This makes our review easier. These albums are fraternal twins.

Yours, Mine, and the Truth is embedded below. Have a good listen because these are some serious songwriters/musicians. Roadrunner Records pay attention! InsideOut Music listen up! Nightmare Records, hello! This band is ready. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and stream it. Duh. No-brainer.

These guys are good, very good at their craft.  I want to see their live show. Their hooks are infectious. Boti has an excellent voice that perfectly complements their music. The band is very liberal in their use of vocal effects. Their overall style reminds me of Incubus and The Pineappple Thief.

One of the stand-out songs on their latest EP is Black Milk, which transitions from a hard-edged metal to ambient progressive beat, and the chorus jumps us wicked-fast into a heavy guitar rock progression. This song has so many wonderful facets. And it is the right length for my Prog ears- 7 minutes long. When the song drops into a slow-down vibe complete with a wild and weird horn, Gordon takes over, driving the drums and the music forward- an excellent display of progressive rock drumming. It may be hard to believe that three musicians could create such a full sound. But we’ve all heard of RUSH, haven’t we? And this band has no fear of using loops.

Other songs that really stood out were Three Sides to Every Story and Boat. These songs are quietly effective, full of pensive moods, smart progressions, and sorrowful harmonies- especially Boat’s harmonies which are the best on the album.  But if you are looking for a kick-ass alternative song, look no further than Not The Answer. It rocks out, yet still has a progressive music edge that pulls the song past the pesky genre label.

Perhaps that is what I like the best about this band. Just like Porcupine Tree creates music that further expands progressive rock by fearlessly blending of different musical styles (while remaining true to their own roots), Kilkem is defining their own musical style by fusing the best elements of alternative and progressive rock. These are their roots. By staying true to their inspirations, and through sweet fusion,  they are also redefining the boundaries of progressive rock.

Engineers Of Modern Laments (Penelope Muzak, Independent Label)

The urban music style of LelKem, founded 2009, is best describen as Alternative & Progressive rock, or more emotional; "Modern Lament" If you are listening to one of their songs, or get even just an extract, you would probably say, they are an Indie rock, pop or even a post rock band. You will be taken by suprise, because the following parts will remind you on an alternative rock directly from the nineties, as well as complicated rhythms and rough hardness from the neo progressive rock genre.

Nevertheless, this stylistic variety always submits to the intelligent and catchy Songwriting and never renounces on stamping Hooklines. The nearly classically occupied trio with Hungarian roots fascinates with bittersweet melancholy, experimental soundscapes some loops from the electro department and a huge pocket full of rock adittude.

This happens in a manner which even let you forget, that you are listening to just three musicians. Their live appearances are diverse, full of energy and inviting you to a musical trip which will you will not forget. -Penelope Muzak-

Personal (Clockwise)

Dieter Siebenhütter
(Bass, Vocals)

Michael Kukla

(Drums & Loops)

Manuel Schimanek
(Guitars, Vocals)

Boti Benedek II
(Vocals, Guitars, Programming)


All Four Seasons In One Day 2012 Penelope Muzak.

Yours, Mine And The Truth
2011 Penelope Muzak.

Not The Anser (Ep)
2009 Penelope Muzak.

Booking & Info

c/o Boti Benedek II
0043/650 7838551